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Simple, official and unique!

iProphecy is your opportunity to individually predict your day. The Tarot of the famous card-reader Mlle. Lenormand’s beautiful “Blue Owl” deck serves as the foundation.

You select your daily card once a day in the “Daily card” menu. Before you make your choice focus your thoughts on your question of the day! Then you can read the corresponding text (daily tendency 24-48 hours). You will also find additional information on the subjects of “Love, career and health.”

The seven daily cards chosen are saved on a weekly (daily) basis and updated for you to refer back to in the "Retrospection" menu. This makes it easy for you to view and read your last 7 daily cards and compare them with what you’ve experienced.

The menu item “36 cards” allows you to scroll through all 36 cards; click “Read meaning of the card” to display the corresponding text. You can click any card for further guidance in an emergency situation or for additional information.